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What to outline your novel part 1 Conclusions – how to point of view

Performed by Leonid Utesov even the least and imperceptible characters of operettas or stories noticeable and interesting because he was able to find and brightly to show features their human sushchestva of the life lived by them.

Such course was found in a miniature "A glory ladder". Just we saw the person who made ascension on this "ladder" and at the top it lost real idea of the place in society. And here we are already faced by the actor who told story of this person. He addresses to the viewer with words: "Rising on a public ladder, it is necessary to think of modesty and simplicity, geniality and attention" And these words are organically interwoven into miniature fabric.

In drama things it is also reliable and sincere, as well as in the comedy. But Utesov's dramatic nature some special, terrestrial, household even - not deklamatsionny. And brought ability to feel the character, to see him through, to understand any movement of his hand Rocks on a platform, in the songs.