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There is a certain internal communication of medical ethics with ethics, and it is clear because a debt, justice, conscience and honor, idea of the good and evil, at last, happiness and meaning of life is categories ethical. P. A. Golbakh defined ethics as science about the human relations and duties following from these relations. Therefore, ethics represent one of the directions of the education which is closely connected with medical ethics, its purposes and their practical realization.

Differentiations of knowledge, accumulation of big experimental and theoretical material, improvement of methods of researches, characteristic for medical science, sharply increased value of an ethical standard of substantiality. The science has to be based only on proofs, clear and logically strict arguments, on check of the facts and their analysis.

A number of big and difficult operations demands observance of special conditions now, it is possible to tell, specific to this intervention, for example at open heart operations with application of artificial blood circulation.

Besides the general, concerning medicine in general, aspects of medical ethics, regulations and rules, in each specialty there are also narrower, in a certain degree specific, deontologichesky, aspects. It is clear because in each case the set of the situations arising in the course of work of the doctor is solved individually.

The moral factor became one of leaders in a solution of the problem of efficiency of scientific work, acceleration of scientific progress. Personal professional and moral qualities of the research supervisor were of particular importance, in particular. It is defined by that each research team, as a rule, has the common scientific goal (scientific strategy collective and various ways of solutions of this common problem by each research associate (scientific tactics the expert. There is a problem of the general and individual collective in creativity. Here very difficult relations intertwine: subordination, personal likes and dislikes, division of scientific work and need of its cooperation, and also relation between seniors and younger colleagues.

The moral relations in such collectives if to consider that science presently not a prerogative of the single, represent rather complex problem and not least from deontologichesky positions.

Problem of scientific creativity in medicine, especially its etikodeontologichesky aspects, are still covered in literature a little and have no rather strict regulation that is connected with real difficulties. In the conditions of scientific and technical progress scientific activity gained mass and collective character, significantly changed as its essence, and, especially, its ethics and medical ethics of scientific creativity.

Let's notice that readiness for critical revision of the got knowledge, this or that theory, readiness to perceive the most unexpected phenomena which can open in the events, is valuable line of the real science and gives it quality of revolutionism.