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Change of duration of the accepted impulses it is accepted to call regional distortions which are shown in lengthening or shortening of this impulse due to the corresponding shortening or lengthening of the next parcels.

To switch the device sensor in the RY mode and also to determine the size of distortions. Distinctions between variables in the modes 1:1 and RY practically should not be. Distinctions in results of measurements testify to the increased characteristic distortions in this channel.

Let's notice in summary that during the operation of the P-327-2 equipment on the TCh channel the strip of frequencies of the telephone channel both in the TLF mode, and in the TG TLF mode is limited dividing to filters: in the TLF mode — the reception filter, and in the TG TLF mode — filters of transfer and reception. Width of a strip of frequencies of this channel is equal 0,3 — 2,7 kHz during the operation of the equipment in 2B, 1B, A and B and 0,3 — 2,3 kHz during the work in the mode 1A.

The linear equipment of reception consists of a linear of LT PR, the extender U PR, the cable filter of reception of TG F PR, differential system of DS, the second linear of reception of LUS PR2 and the first linear amplifier of reception of LUZ PR

The input device of the device provides reception at speeds up to 100 Baud of the rectangular and rounded parcels in the unipolar mode and reception of bipolar parcels at all speeds. The minimum current of the input device in the bipolar mode 2, in the unipolar mode 5.

The distortions brought by devices of switches should not exceed 2%, and the telegraph transmitter during the manual and automatic work - 5% at setup of the device and 8% in an operation.

Linear transfers the CM adder, a linear filter of a of LF PER, the first linear amplifier of transfer contains LUS PER1, the extender of transfer of U PER, the second linear amplifier of transfer of LUS PER2, differential system of DS, the cable filter of transfer of TG F PER, the linear transformer of a of LT Lane.

On the properties regional distortions can be subdivided into three groups: distortions of prevalence (n), characteristic (x) and casual (c) distortions. Thus the distortions brought transferring and intakes of the terminal equipment are not considered.

The input device of the device — symmetric also possibility of a parallel and consecutive to the measured chain at the following gradation of entrance resistance: 25, 10, 3, 1 and 0,1 k0m. The input device on use of linear tension in examinees chains to 130B in the unipolar mode and to ±80 V — in the bipolar mode.

The generating equipment of the P 327-2 equipment turns on the jamming generator, a synthesizer of frequencies, dividers of frequency, an of frequencies of transformation, the device of switching of frequencies and a of basic frequency of detecting.

During the operation of the P-327-2 equipment on the TCh channel the received telephone channel has a four-pro-water exit and,, the telephone set or other telephone device, to the telephone channel, has to be four-wire.

During the checking of serviceability of the equipment and setup of its channels connection of the sensor and indicator to the TT channel is made by installation of the RBT —-ISM toggle-switch of the respective canal in a the-ISM and pressing of the PREOBL button.

Indirectly reliability is defined by regional distortions. Though between regional distortions and a mistake (incorrectly accepted symbol) there is no unambiguous compliance, however with big degree of probability it is possible to claim that at sizes of the regional distortions exceeding admissible norm there will be mistakes.

The brought distortions are distortions like with installation manually of any their sign, and also with change of a sign prevalence to ±89% within a of a startstopny cycle to ±50%.

The PU block can turn on only instead of the TG block of the second channel of the ZIP P-327-equipment of the equipment is completed with one PU block. Therefore, in the P-237-2 equipment transfer to the second mode only of one channel (second) TT channel is possible. For transfer to the second mode of the first channel it is necessary to use the additional equipment: P-327-PU6 or P-327-PU